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Charles bridge

Prague castle

Prague castle

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Prague bridges


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National Theater


Country Dance Tour 2017

Click HERE for the map of the tour.


As in previous years, we recommend that you arrive a day or two before the start of the trip. In this way, you can ease the effects of jetlag and also enjoy time on your own in Prague.

May 4, Thursday


arrival in Prague, registration in the hotel

welcome dinner in local restaurant

You will arrive in Prague sometime during the day. After you arrive at the hotel, you will check-in and relax. We will meet in the hotel lobby at 7:00 pm and walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

May 5, Friday


08:45 loading the coach

09:00 departure

11:30 arrival in Zelená Hora tour of the church (UNESCO)


01:00 lunch with the group in local restaurant

02:30 departure

03:30 arrival in Třebíč, walk around the Jewish quarter

(only Jewish monument outside Israel placed on the UNESCO list)

04:30 departure

05:00 stop in Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou

- walk in the chateau garden

05:45 departure

06:30 arrival in Znojmo, check-in for 3 nights

07:30 dinner on your own

We have a long drive ahead through beautiful countryside, traveling to Czech highlands. Our first stop will be in Zelená Hora to visit the pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk. The design of the building was entrusted to famous architect Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel who finished the whole project in year 1722. After a lunch in local restaurant we will move to another UNESCO listed area – Třebíč, the third-largest town in Moravia and one that is well-known for its Jewish landmarks. After another bus ride we will enjoy some walking in the beautiful chateau garden. The name of the chateau is Jaroměřice na Rokytnou; both the chateau and the garden were built in first half of the 18th century. Finally we will reach Znojmo, where we will stay for the next three nights. After check-in you'll be free to walk around the town and have dinner on your own. Znojmo is a medieval town with very rich history. I'm sure you will enjoy the atmosphere here.

May 6, Saturday


09:00 departure

09:30 visiting the memorial of the Iron curtain

10:00 departure

10:30 arrival in Vranov nad Dyjí, tour of the castle

12:00 departure

12:15 lunch with the group in restaurant Větrný mlýn in Lesná


01:45 departure

optional visit to local Rotunda, part of castle built before 1100 AD.

04:00 Czech National Cup:

- Country dance and clogging competition for youth

dinner on your own

08:00 final round of competition, and dance with David calling

In the morning we will go to visit the beautiful chateau Vranov nad Dyjí. On the way we will stop close to the border for a reminder of what was the iron curtain. The group lunch will be in a very special restaurant—in the windmill, renovated into a restaurant. After a lunch we will return to Znojmo. Those interested can visit the local Rotunda, dating from the 1100s. This visit can be arranged only by special order; if you are interested, please indicate that in the registration form. (No extra charge for the visit). In the evening we will attend the Czech National Cup of American Country Dances. Sounds strange to you? We have many children's groups who are interested in American country dance and who choreograph their own dances. This may be a very interesting evening for you. Part of the evening will be also a dance session with David. The dance hall is in walking distance from the hotel.

May 7, Sunday


09:00 departure

09:30 arrival in Šatov, tour of local painted cellars

10:30 departure

10:45 visiting WW II bunker

12:15 lunch with the group in Jaroslavice


01:45 departure

02:00 tour of the water mill in Slup

03:00 departure

03:45 arrival in Retz (Austria) walk around the town, free time

05:30 departure

06:00 arrival in Znojmo, free time, dinner on your own

08:00 optional sightseeing on the town

South Moravia is very well-known for its vineyards, and most families have a private wine cellar. Some cellars are very small and some are unbelievable. Today we will visit one of the larger cellars. What is very special is the decoration of the cellar. And we will stay underground for one more stop. Very near to the wine cellar is a bunker from WW II. It would be a pity to miss this interesting museum. After a group lunch we will go to Slup to visit a unique water mill built in 1512. After this visit you will have an opportunity to visit Austria.. Because we will be very close to Austrian border, I decided to take you in. So we will go to Retz, a nice small town with historical center. Then we will return to Znojmo. For dinner you'll be on your own. Everyone interested can join me for sightseeing.

May 8, Monday


08:30 loading the bus

09:00 departure

10:00 arrival in Rajhrad, visit to the local Baroque monastery

11:15 departure

11:30 lunch with the group (at the Austerlitz battlefield 1805)


01:00 departure

02:00 meeting with local country dancers in Kojetín

04:00 departure

05:15 arrival in Olomouc, walk to the square (UNESCO)

06:00 departure

07:00 arrival in Velké Losiny, check-in

dinner with the group in the hotel

Today is a Czech National Holiday - we celebrate the end of WW II. However this will be very busy day for us, traveling from South to North. Our first stop will be in Baroque monastery to see the library, which dates back to the mid-11th century. Then we will have an early lunch in restaurant Stará pošta. In the year 1805 Napoleon had a consultation here with his generals before the battle. Still heading North, we will stop first to meet with local country dancers and dance with them. In Olomouc we will walk to the square to see the plague column from 1754, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. From the lowland (Haná region) we will finally enter mountains. In Velké Losiny we will check-in and will have dinner.

May 9, Tuesday


09:00 departure: walk to the local paper hand workshop, tour

10:30 departure

11:00 wooden church from 1611 in Žárová

12:00 arrival back in Velké Losiny, lunch on your own


03:00 departure from the hotel

03:30 excursion to hydro - power plant Dlouhé stráně

(This is something very special. First we will go under the dam and then we will take bus or lift to the huge water reservoir at the top of the mountain.)

05:30 departure

06:00 museum of musical instruments

06:30 dinner with the group in local restaurant

07:30 meeting with local folk dance group Trnka

09:30 departure

Today we will have a little more relaxing day. In the morning we will walk to a local paper hand workshop working here since 1596. Then we will go to see a unique wooden church built here by Czech Protestants in 1611. For lunch we will return to Velké Losiny and you'll be on your own. Because Velké Losiny is a spa town, you can have a light lunch and go for a short swim in a local thermal spa. Our next visit is more technical but I think it will be interesting for everyone—we will visit water power plant and then, as part of the tour, we will go up to the mountain ridge to see an unbelievable water reservoir. The rest of the day will be very cultural. First we will visit museum of musical instruments and after dinner we will meet with local folk dancers.

May 10, Wednesday


09:00 departure

09:30 arrival in Šumperk;

visit exhibit about local witch trials in 17th century

10:30 departure

11:00 arrival in Litovel - tour of local brewery

12:30 lunch on your own in Litovel


02:00 departure

02:30 walk to view tower Brusná

03:30 departure

04:00 optional hike

05:30 meeting with the bus

07:30 dinner in the hotel, free time

The first stop in Šumperk will be not too much fun, but it documents the history of witch trials in the late 17th century, when many women were killed. (This is at the same time as the well-known Salem witch trials in Massachusetts.) After this visit, you have earned an opportunity to cheer up - we will visit a brewery in Litovel. Czechs are a beer nation. They love to speak about beer, and they love to drink beer. The average beer consumption in 2015 was 38 gallons per person, which represents the highest in the world, followed by the Irish. Then you'll be on your own for the lunch time. The afternoon will be devoted to two hikes, a very short one and a longer one. First we will visit a view tower with a great 360° view. This is not a long and difficult long hike (up to the hill) for everybody. Then after a short bus ride, we will have longer optional hike. Those who prefer can return with the bus back to the hotel and take a spa or just relax in the park. The hike is about 2.5 miles long and goes mostly downhill. Then we'll be picked up by our bus and taken to the hotel for dinner. In case of bad weather we will have a dance class in local school.

May 11, Thursday


08:30 loading the bus

09:00 departure for Prague

10:30 museum of traditional crafts in Letohrad

12:00 lunch time on your own


02:00 departure

03:00 open air museum in Krňovice

04:30 departure

06:30 arrival in Prague, check-in

07:30 dinner in local restaurant

Heading for Prague! This is a long drive, but we will have two nice stops on the way. The first one will be in Letohrad, where we will see very nice museum of traditional handcraft. The museum is large and very interesting. After a lunch break we will move on and will visit the open air museum in Krňovice. This visit may seems similar to the handcraft museum, but the main purpose will be the folk architecture and also an opportunity to stretch legs ... Then we will arrive in Prague and will have dinner with the group. The rest of the evening you'll be free.

May 12, Friday


09:00 sightseeing

12:00 lunch with the group in local restaurant


free time

Today you will spend the day enjoying the beautiful city of Prague with an expert city tour guide. You will visit Prague Castle and from there walk down into the city. Lunch will be together in a charming restaurant and you will finish the guided afternoon at the Old Town Square. Then you will be on your own for dinner and the rest of the evening.

May 13, Saturday


09:00 optional tour to Vyšehrad


free time

04:00 dinner cruise

06:00 landing

07:00 country dance evening

10:00 ending

Not everybody has visited Vyšehrad already, so this will be your chance if you want. Local legend claims this site as the first settlement that later grew into Prague; in any event, the view from the heights is lovely, with a cathedral and the national cemetery right there. You can join me or stay on your own. Because the dinner cruise is always fun with good food, we don't want miss it. This time we will go early afternoon to be able to attend the closing evening with Czech dancers. We will dance in the area of the beautiful Emauzy monastery, founded in 1347.

May 14, Sunday


09:00 departure after breakfast


Program may change without notice.



Zelena Hora

Jewish town Trebic

Jaromerice nad Rokytnou


Vranov nad Dyji

Country Dance Competition

Satov cellar


Dancers from Kojetin


Paper hand workshop

Dlouhe Strane

Dance group Trnka



Open air museum