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Vintage Dance Week 2017

Waltz, polka, quadrilles, 19th century mazurka, Regency Era dances, Ragtime dances, early Russian tango, Jazz Age dances, historical blues, and more!

Richard Powers


Richard Powers - USA
Richard Powers is a dance historian and instructor on the Stanford University dance faculty. Richard’s focus since 1975 has been the research and reconstruction of 19th and early 20th century American and European social dance forms, working from a personal collection of over 2,000 dance manuals, the largest collection of historic dance manuals in the world, supplemented with a 12,000-title collection of period dance music. Richard founded the Flying Cloud Academy of Dance in Cincinnati, was director of the first Vintage Dance Weeks 35 years ago, and co-founded the Fleeting Moments Waltz & Quickstep Orchestra. Richard has choreographed for twenty stage productions, including Broadway and off-Broadway, and six films, and has taught workshops around the world.

Lessons in English.


Arnaud Degioanni


Arnaud Degioanni - France
As vice president of the French Federation of Dance, the historical dance coordinator in France and president of the parisian historical dance association "Carnet de Bals", Arnaud Degioanni is an expert of historical dance in France. He is an avid researcher and reconstructor of 19th century dances, his work having led him to study the typical parisian dance repertory from the past centuries. Arnaud is the creator of the French Historical Dance Championship and of the International Open of Historical Dance in Paris. He is also an organizer and dance master of renowned Balls, reconstructed according to the great tradition of Imperial balls in France.

Lessons in French and English.


Maren Shemshurenko


Maren Shemshurenko - Russia
Maren began her way in historical dances in 1999 from celtic folk dances through the dances of Renaissance to the late ages. At 2008 she began to teach dances as part of preparation to the first ball, which was organized by her. Later the group of dancers Maren worked with before the ball formed regular dance classes and later the dance school was born. Now Crystal Dragon dance school is the biggest vintage dance school of Saint-Petersburg. They are organizing bright and popular balls in historical style, but also Maren is well know by experiments with music for the vintage dances and organization balls in very different styles on the base of XIX century dances.

Lessons in English.


Jitka and Jan


Jitka Bonušová and Jan Pumpr - Czech Republic
The dance school Dvorana was founded in the early nineties by Professor František Bonuš and his son, Jasan Bonuš, and in 1996 they organized their first Vintage Dance Week Prague/Paris. After František and Jasan passed away, Jitka and Jan continued running the organization and have organized many international dance workshops and weeks. They both focus on Czech social dances of the 19th century and have choreographed several dances for workshop and for the stage; both also lead separate performing groups. They have taught dances at Dvorana´s workshops in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Japan and the United States.

Lessons in English.