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Charles bridge

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Prague castle

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Prague bridges


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Charles bridge




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Country Dance Tour 2018

Click HERE for the map of the tour.


This year's Country Dance Tour will officially start in Krakow, a beautiful and historic city in Poland. Some of you may want to fly directly to Krakow to spend some extra time there before the trip begins. We will send you a list of places of interest in Krakow, so you will have some ideas of where to go and what to see if you decide to come earlier on your own. It may be cheaper to book round-trip airfare to and from Prague. In that case, you can come on October 4th to Prague and go to Krakow with us by coach to meet the rest of the group.
Because of the high season in October you may have problems to book your own pre-tour accommodation. To cover both possibilities, we have already booked rooms for the night on October 4th in Prague and in Krakow; you will need to let us know which fits your travel plans.

October 4, Thursday

optional arrival in Prague

06:00 meeting in the hotel lobby, registration

07:00 dinner together

You will arrive in Prague sometime during the day. After you arrive at the hotel, you will check-in and relax. We will meet in the hotel lobby at 6:00 pm for tour registration. Then we will walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

October 5, Friday


08:00 loading the bus, departure for Poland

12:00 arrival in Nový Jičín

lunch time on your own


03:00 departure

05:30 arrival in Krakow, check-in, registration

dinner in the hotel

This day is primarily for travel, a long drive from Prague to Krakow. Because of the distance we don't have time for interesting stops on the way. We will do only several stops for bathroom breaks. For the lunch time we'll be in a town with a beautiful historic square. Here you will have time to stretch your legs and eat. Then we have less then 3 hours to Krakow. After arrival you will check-in and relax. Dinner will be in the hotel, so we will not need to walk somewhere.

For people who travel directly to Krakow on their own, we will have registration after the dinner. Please let us know your travel plans so we can make Krakow hotel registrations for you.

October 6, Saturday


09:00 departure for sightseeing

Visit to Wawel Royal Castle (UNESCO World Heritage Site)


lunch with the group

free time

dinner on your own

meeting with Polish Folk Dancers

Officially our first full day. In the morning we will discover the city of Krakow. We will walk through the most important places in the center and will end up at the castle. Then will have lunch together. After lunch you will have a free time to focus on your personal wishes. Krakow has a well-preserved historic center that dates back to the 10th century, and there is much to see within walking distance. Dinner will be on your own. In the evening we will meet with a Polish folk dance group. They will show us some traditional Polish dances and will teach us some simple dances as well.

October 7, Sunday


08:30 departure

09:30 Wielitzka salt mines tour (UNESCO site)

11:00 departure


01:00 arrival in Ostrava, lunch on your own

03:00 tour in the historical industry area

04:00 meeting with local country dancers

07:00 dinner with the group

08:30 departure

09:30 arrival in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, check-in

Our first stop today will be in the Wielitzka salt mines. This is a very special place, a must-see location for travelers in the region; indeed, it was included on the first-ever list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1978. After the tour we will cross the border into the Czech Republic and arrive in Ostrava, the capital of North Moravia. Ostrava was famous as an industrial center during the communist period and we will visit an old blast furnace. Then we will switch from history-industrial visit to culture and will meet local country dancers; David will lead the dancing. After this meeting we will eat together and finally drive to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm to check-in; we will stay here for two nights.

October 8, Monday


08:45 departure

09:00 Open Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

10:30 departure

11:15 tour in glassworks


01:00 lunch with the group

02:30 walk in the open air gallery of wooden sculptures

03:00 meeting with local artist making traditional Easter eggs

05:15 arrival back in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, dinner on your own in the city center

08:00 meeting with local folk dance group

In the morning we will visit a unique open-air museum. You will see how local people once lived. Our next stop will be a local glassworks. We will not see glass blowing—it is done in different part of the country—but we will see many different ways how to decorate glass. If you are interested, you will be able to buy some glass here for very reasonable prices. (Bring some bubble wrap in your luggage!) After lunch we will walk through an open-air gallery of wooden sculptures and will meet with a local artist who makes traditional Easter eggs. You will have free time for dinner in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. In the evening we will meet with Moravian folk dancers who will come to our hotel to show us a bit of their repertoire and also teach us some simple dances.

October 9, Tuesday


08:45 loading the bus

09:00 departure

09:30 Tapestry factory in Valašské Meziříčí

10:30 departure

11:30 arrival in Olomouc (UNESCO), walk around the town

lunch on your own


02:30 departure

03:00 Visit in Mladeč caves

04:00 departure

04:15 Jewish cemetary in Loštice

04:45 departure

05:15 arrival in Svitavy, Oskar Schindler museum

06:00 dinner with the group, meeting with accordeon musician

08:00 departure

08:30 arrival in Litomyšl, check-in

Today we will move from Moravia to Bohemia - from East to West. Our first stop will be a tapestry factory where you can see the amazing machinery and handwork. For lunch time we will stop in Olomouc, the historical capital of Moravia. This is the home of the famous plague column, another UNESCO site. For these of you who have been here before, we will recommend additional places to visit. After lunch, our next stop will be the underground caves, richly decorated with stalactites and stalagmites; this is also an important archeological site. An old and almost forgotten Jewish cemetery will be our next stop. Then we will arrive in Svitavy, the birthplace of Oskar Schindler (Schindler's List); we will visit an exhibit about him. We will have dinner here and afterwards a local accordion player will join us. We will listen and sing together. After dinner we will have half an hour to reach our final destination - Litomyšl. Here we will check-in for our stay of two nights.

October 10, Wednesday


09:00 walk through the town

10:00 tour of the Litomyšl Chateau (UNESCO)

11:30 free time

lunch on your own


02:00 departure

hike in Toulovcovy maštale

05:00 Nové Hrady – museum bicycles and hats

06:00 dinner with the group

07:30 departure for hotel

Today we have on the program both the beauty of Renaissance architecture and the beauty of nature. After a short walk through the town we will tour Litomyšl Chateau, one of the largest Renaissance castles in the Czech Republic. For lunch time you'll be on your own. In the afternoon we will go for a hike to Toulovcovy Maštale, a sandstone labyrinth. We plan to hike for about two hours, but the hiking is not difficult and there is not much climbing. After the hike—if we find our way out of the labyrinth!—we will visit another chateau, but this one just from outside. The reason for our visit are two special exhibits, of historical bikes and hats, situated in the outbuildings. For dinner we will go to a local restaurant and then return to Litomyšl.

October 11, Thursday


08:45 loading the bus

09:00 departure for Prague

10:00 visit in unique church (from 1397) in Kočí

10:45 departure for Chrudim

11:30 visit in puppet museum


01:00 lunch on your own

03:00 departure

04:00 stop in Kutná Hora (UNESCO)

visit the cathedral of St. Barbara and walk through the town

06:00 departure

07:30 arrival in Prague , check-in

08:00 dinner with the group

We're still moving west. First we will stop in the small village of Kočí to see the church from 1397. In nearby Chrudim we will visit a local puppet museum and will have lunch time. Continuing on our way, we cannot skip another UNESCO location - the medieval town of Kutná Hora with its Gothic cathedral; the discovery here in the late 13th century of rich silver veins made this an important and prosperous city. Finally we arrive in Prague, check-in to our hotel, and walk for dinner.

October 12, Friday


09:00 sightseeing in Prague

lunch with the group



04:00 free time, dinner on your own

08:00 departure from the hotel (walk)

08:30 opening of the Country Dance Festival

Welcome to Prague! Some of you have been here already, and for others this will be the very first time. So we are offering you a sightseeing tour of Prague with lunch in the city center. Afterwards you will have time on your own to relax and have dinner. In the evening we will lead you to the dance hall for the Country Dance Festival opening. The dance hall is in walking distance from hotel, so you'll be able to move around by yourself.

October 13, Saturday

Festival program whole day.

After the arrival you will receive a detailed program of the festival workshops. We offer dance programs in two halls throughout the day so you will have a choice what to do. Saturday night at the festival is always a special time; it often includes local dance groups demonstrating country dance and clogging routines that they have created and are eager to share.

October 14, Sunday


festival program


free time

06:30 meeting in the hotel, departure for dinner

07:00 final dinner with folklore program

10:00 departure for the hotel or for the train staion

In the morning you can attend the festival or just have fun in Prague. The festival program will be over at lunch time. Then you'll be on your own for the afternoon. We will meet in the evening for our final dinner with a special folklore program. After dinner will be the time to say goodbye. Some of you will join us for the tour extension.

Octrober 15, Monday


departure for US


Program may change without notice.





Folk Dancers

Krakow Wawel

Wieliczka Salt Mines



Roznov pod Radhostem

Easter eggs


Folk Dancers

Tapestry workshop

Mladec caves The Mummy

Jewish cemetery

Czech accordeon


Toulovcovy Mastale

Chrudim Puppets

Koci kostel

Kutna Hora

Festival in Prague

Festival in Prague

Prague Folk Dancers