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Country Dance Tour 2018

Click HERE for the map of the tour.


October 14, Sunday


11:09 train departure

All the extension participants will go directly from the restaurant to the train station. During the dinner we will take care of your luggage and transport it to the train station. For the overnight train we will reserve twin bed sleeping cabins. The overnight train is an excellent way to get to Slovakia and save money by not needing a hotel that night.

October 15, Monday


06:49 arrival in Tatranská Štrba

transfer to the hotel, breakfast in the hotel

if possible, we will check-in at this time

08:30 departure for Štrbské pleso

09:00 cable car up to Solisko, short hike up from the top station

11:00 lunch with the group, short rest


01:30 departure

01:45 brief stop at the military cemetery

02:15 arrival in Važec, museum of local famous painter

meeting with local folk dancers and musicians

05:00 departure

05:30 arrival in Liptovský Mikuláš, visit in local synagogue

06:30 dinner at Liptovská Izba restaurant

08:00 departure for hotel

We will arrive in Slovakia early in the morning. From the train station we will go to the hotel. We have already discussed our arrival with them and, if possible, they will let us check-in in the morning. We will have breakfast there and relax a bit. We believe you will be not too tired after this trip so we will go directly to see the Tatra Mountains, using the cable car up and down with a short hike from the top to the lowest peak. If you don't like cable cars, you can just walk around the lake. For lunch we will return to the hotel. In the afternoon we will go to a small village, Važec. This is located at the foot of Kriváň mountain, widely considered the most beautiful peak in Slovakia. First we will visit the museum of Czech painter Jan Hála who lived in Važec and painted local people and the countryside. After the museum we will meet with local inhabitants who will talk to us about their traditions, share some dances, and sing some songs. For the evening we will go to the nearby city of Liptovský Mikuláš to visit the local synagogue and eat dinner in a traditional restaurant.

October 16, Tuesday


09:00 departure

09:45 arrival in Čingov, Slovak Paradise.

hike (about 2 hours, but not difficult)

12:30 meeting with the bus


01:00 lunch with the group

02:30 departure

03:15 walk up to cave

04:00 tour in the Ice Cave

(Yes, we had a dolomite cave included in the main part of the tour, but this is special and if they will agree to take us in, we will enjoy it.)

05:00 walk down

05:30 departure

06:30 arrival in Koliba restaurant, dinner on your own

08:30 departure for hotel

Today we will have some walking on the program. The first visit will be in the area called Slovak Paradise. It is part of a national park with beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains. Lunch will be in local restaurant. In the afternoon we will visit Dobšinská Ice Cave (UNESCO) with wonderful ice decoration. For the dinner we will go to very traditional restaurant called "Koliba," close to our hotel.

October 17, Wednesday


09:00 departure

10:00 Spiš castle (UNESCO)

12:00 departure


12:30 arrival in Levoča (UNESCO), lunch on your own

walk around the town

03:00 departure

04:00 arrival in Košice, check-in

05:00 dance party with Slovak country dancers

08:00 dinner with the group

Today we will be back from the woods, with a focus on cities and history. Our first stop will be Spiš castle (UNESCO), a huge set of medieval ruins. For lunch time we will go to Levoča, another UNESCO heritage town. Next stop will be in Košice, the capital of East Slovakia. After the arrival we will just check-in and will get ready for the evening dance party. We will meet with Slovak Country Dancers. They will show us part of their program and David will lead the common dancing. They are very exited about this visit, because they have never had an event like this in Košice. After the dance we will all go for dinner to nearby restaurant.

October 18, Thursday


09:00 sightseeing of Košice

lunch with the group


free time

dinner on your own

departure for the train station

10:00 departure of the night train for Prague

Košice is the second largest city in Slovakia, home of the country's largest cathedral, and the European Capital of Culture in 2013. It has a well-preserved city center and we will have enough time to enjoy it. First we'll go with a local guide and in the afternoon you have time to explore on your own. In the evening, after dinner we will go to the train station and will take the overnight train back to Prague.

October 19, Friday


08:19 arrival in Prague

transfer to the airport, departure for US

In the morning we will arrive in Prague. You can use the Express bus and go directly from the train station to the airport for a return flight, or you can extend your stay on your own with a few more days in Prague. We will be happy to book a hotel room for you.


Strbske Pleso

Tatry Mountains

View from Solisko

Jan Hala painting

Vazec dancers

Synagog in Liptovsky Mikulas

Slovak Paradise

Dobsinska Ice Cave

Spis Castle



Kosice dancers

Kosice dancers