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Country Dance Tour 2019
Jan Pumpr


Dear friends, we are very glad for high interest in our tour. This tour actually filled up by people from the waiting list for tour 2018. At this time we are not able to accept any more registrations. If you are interested in our tours, let us know please by filling up THIS simple form. Then you will be informed in advance before we will publish the future tour. Thank you for your understanding.

We warmly invite you into the heart of Europe, into the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Each time we try to offer you interesting program of many different activities and locations.

During your travels you will have a chance to meet folk and country dancers in three countries – Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, see interesting places listed as UNESCO heritage sites, visit historical towns, meet people who are engaged in traditional folk production, take several short hikes in beautiful surroundings, and also explore different aspects of local folklore.

Because we know that many people have been on the tour before, we always include new areas. This time we start in Krakow (Poland) and will travel through Slovakia and Moravia all the way to Prague.

Also, for people who want to do some hiking on their own after the trip(s), we have prepared a page with suggestions for a beautiful section in the Bohemian Paradise region.

As we have prepared this tour originally for dancers of country and contra dances, you will have opportunities to dance during your stay. We are so glad and honored to have Mr. David Millstone as our caller again.

We are looking forward to meet you all!