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Dvorana - Folk Dance Week 2019

The Extension

Are you ready for another action? Don't want to go home yet? Join us for a day trip to North Bohemia to Scottish Highland Games. All the Scottish dancers from our "twin dance workshop" will go there as well. Over night we stay in Prague, so no extra packing need.

August 24, Saturday


09:00 departure from the hotel for Sychrov castle

Highland Games

lunch time on your own


Highland Games

07:00 departure for Prague

07:30 en route: dinner with the group

10:30 arrival at the hotel

The whole of Saturday will be devoted to things Scottish, particularly to a Scottish sporting and cultural festival that is known as Highland Games. It is not only in Scotland that these events take place. Wherever in the world the Scots live, they want to show off there physical strength and dancing prowess and encourage the non-Scots to join in. The Highland Games in the park of the Sychrov chateau have already become a tradition and are, arguably, the biggest annual event on the continent of Europe, outside Scotland.

This year it is going to be the 19th year, when participants from the Czech republic and other countries, and not least Scotland, too, converge on Sychrov in northern Bohemia (about 50 miles north of Prague) to demonstrate, and compete in, weight lifting, caber tossing, highland dancing, country dancing, piping and drumming. There is always plenty of haggis to taste, and an opportunity to wash it down with a few wee drams, or with Irn Bru if you want to stay sober. There will also be an open air market with Scottish and other wares, artisanry and art work. On the way back to Prague we will stop off at a country pub for dinner.

Look here for more photos.

The Extension Prices

Person in a double room:  $120/ €95
Person in a single room:  $160 / €125

The price includes:

  • 1 night in Prague
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Transport to the festival and back
  • Entrance fee for Highland Games
  • Dinner

Highland Games

Highland Games

Highland Games

Highland Games

Highland Games

Highland Games

Highland Games

Highland Games

Scotch Whisky