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Dvorana - Folk Dance Week 2019
Jitka Bonusova


Dear dancing friends,

Again in 2019, you are cordially invited to our International Dance Course. For more than 25 years, we have been organizing regular summer dance courses for fans of Czech folk dancing, as well as Scottish country dancing. On this occasion, we have decided to run the two courses alongside each other. We have arranged for two separate dancing halls at the same facility, one for Czech folk classes and one for Scottish dance classes. The two courses will be joined for sightseeing tours and cultural outings. We hope everyone will enjoy this intermixing of the two dancing communities.

Participants of the Czech Folk Dance Week will no doubt welcome with equal pleasure the teaching competence of the “old favourites” – Jitka Šafaříková, Eva Velínská, Jitka Bonušová and Jan Pumpr.

This year the dance week will start with weekend Folk Dance Festivals in Hradec Králové and Červený Kostelec in East Bohemia. We will take you there and will take care of you the whole the time. You will find more details on following pages.

The dancing lessons will take place in a hall with a wooden floor, which is only a short walk from the hotel.

We hope that the program for the 2019 courses will meet with your full approval and will entice you to join us in August. We very much look forward to meeting you.


Jitka Bonušová a Jan Pumpr