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Dvorana - Folk Dance Week 2019

Jitka Šafaříková

Jitka Šafaříková
was a teacher at the dance conservatory in Brno for thirty years. Abroad, she has taught mostly in Germany but also in Japan. She was also a leader of the folk ensemble “Brněnští gajdoši”. She specializes in folk dances of southern Moravia.

Lessons in German.


Eva Velínská

Eva Velínská
After studies at the Dance Conservatory in Prague where she specialized in folk dance, she graduated from HAMU (Music Academy) in the field of dance education. For several years she performed as a professional dancer with the Czech Song and Dance Ensemble.

Lessons in English.


Jitka and Jan

Jitka Bonušová and Jan Pumpr

Focus their efforts especially on Czech folk dances (under the leadership of Eva and Radek Rejšek) and social dances of the 19th century. They have taught these dances at Dvorana´s workshops in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, USA and Japan.

Lessons in English.