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Dvorana - Scottish Dance Week 2019

Ron Wallace



Ron Wallace


“Prague is a city not to be missed! This trip is a perfect experience for a Scottish country dancer looking for dancing and music plus the Czech cultural experience expertly arranged by Dvorana. Live your dream adventure and join us in Prague!”

Ron loves Scottish dance and music and his proficiency as a teacher has made him welcome at numerous workshops and courses throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and many European venues.

This year (2019) marks Ron‘s 43 years as a certificated Scottish country dancing teacher. Apart from Scottish country, Highland, step and Breton Cape dancing, Ron also teaches some Welsh and English dancing
„for the variety‘s sake“.

Muriel Zobel



Muriel Johnstone


Muriel is one of the finest pianists of Scottish music in the world today. She lives with her husband, Bill, in the small village of Allanton, just over the Scottish border from Berwick, England. She spends much of her time writing, travelling, and performing around the world. Whether she is performing for an audience, or for a Scottish country dance, she is always received with tremendous applause and excitement.