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Country Dance Tour 2022

Dear friends,

We warmly invite you into the heart of Europe, into the Czech Republic. Each time we try to offer you interesting program of many different activities and locations.
During your travels you will have a chance to meet Czech folk and country dancers, see interesting places listed as UNESCO heritage sites, visit historical towns, meet people who are engaged in traditional folk production, take several short hikes in beautiful surroundings, and also explore different aspects of local folklore.
Because of the Covid pandemic we hope that our annual Country Dance Festival will happen. Last three days we should spend in Prague, attending the Country Dance Festival Jasana Bonuše. 
As we have prepared this tour specifically for dancers of country and contra dances, you will have opportunities to dance during your stay. We are so glad and honored to have Mr. David Millstone as our caller again.

We look forward to welcoming you to Prague and the Czech Republic!

Jan Pumpr and David Millstone

Tour program

Thursday, October 6
You will arrive in Prague sometime during the day. After you arrive at the hotel, you will check-in and relax. We will meet in the hotel lobby for tour registration. Then we will walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

Friday, October 7
Our first day when the group will be complete. First we will need load the bus. Our first stop will be Royal town Mělník. Here we will walk through the town, see the junction of Vltava and Labe rivers and enjoy a wine tasting in local historical wine cellars. After lunch time we will stop in a local nature preserve with sandstone rocks. Nice hike for about 1,5 mile. After we meet the bus again we will move more to North and stop by „the Lord’s Rock“ Its hexagonal basalt columns reach up to 12 m (39 ft). Finally we will arrive in Krásná Lípa where we will stay for two nights. After we check-in, we will have a dinner in the hotel and then will meet with local choir who will sing for us and also will teach us some Czech songs.

Saturday, October 8
Because we will be very close to Germany, we will cross the border and will do a hike there. The hotel area is called „Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland“ and is very impressive because of rock structures. Be prepared for hike in beautiful landscape! For a lunch time we will stop in Děčín. Here you will have many possibilities where to eat. In the afternoon we will visit unusual exposition of tower clock mechanisms. Later on we will visit a chocolate factory. It is already in our „home town“. Then you will have some time to relax. For dinner you will be on your own. In the evening we will meet with local folk dance group. They will dance for us and also we will learn some simple dances from them.

Sunday, October 9
We need to load the bus today. Our first stop will be amazing museum of glass. You will see unbelievable pieces of glass art. Then we will visit beautiful chateau from Habsburg empire. After lunch, we will visit a small workshop that keeps alive the local traditions of coloring textiles. Another unique stop will be old military airport. Originally build for Czechoslovakian air force, then used by Nazis and Russians as well. It is very impressive place. Finally we will arrive in Jítrava, check-in and have dinner in the hotel.

Monday, October 10
North of Czech Republic is well known for the glass production.
In addition to glass, especially in the 19th century, bead production has been very popular. We will have a tour in bead factory. After lunch time we will have another simple hike. First we will go by bus up to Ještěd mountain. Then will walk less then half a mile to the peak. We will enjoy the great view. Then we will hike on the mountain ridge and use chairlift go down the hill again. If you are scared of the chairlift or don’t want to join us for the hike, we will manage the bus for you. After dinner we will meet with Czech country dancers and together we will enjoy David’s calling. Then we will return to the hotel.

Tuesday, October 11
We are moving on and will change the hotel again. Our first stop will be in Turnov. Here will visit local Jewish Synagogue. Not many synagogues remain after WW II, but some, like this one, have been nicely renovated. Next stop will be in Jičín.  In this town we will have lunch time, you can climb up local medieval tower. As a desert after lunch you will have a chance to enjoy local specialty – Hořické trubičky. We will learn how they are made and of course, we will taste them. Our next stop will be a view tower with great view. Then we will walk around a bit and learn about a horrible battle which happened here in 1866 between Austrian Empire (Czechs included) and Prussians. 200 000 men on each side! Then we will reach Hradec Králové, capital of East Bohemia. We will check-in and go for short sightseeing. Dinner will be in together the city center.

Wednesday, October 12
Today morning we will have interesting meeting with local artist who produce very nice corn husk dolls. Before lunch we’ll be able to visit very special museum of Nativity Scene. We have long tradition of it and here, we have unique – wooden mechanical scene with more 100 characters. For a lunch time we will stop in very nice Renaissance town. In the afternoon we will visit a twin fortress of Terezín. Fortunately, this time the tour focus on 18. century. This tour is made with candles and has a special atmosphere. Then we will return to Hradec Králové, have a dinner together. Afterwards we will have a dance party with local Czech folk dancers.

Thursday, October 13
Time to return to Prague. On the way we will have a UNESCO landmark – Kutná Hora with its beautiful cathedral. For lunch you’ll be on your own. In the afternoon, we will visit a nice open-air museum that illustrates how Czech villages looked about 200 years ago. After we will arrive in Prague and check-in, we will have dinner together.

Friday, October 14
Time to enjoy Prague. We will have sightseeing with a guide who specializes in Prague sites and history. Lunch will be together and after rest we will have more sightseeing. Then you will have free time to explore Prague on your own. In the evening we will attend the opening ceremony of Prague Country Dance Festival.

Saturday, October 15
At the festival, you can choose from programs in two different halls throughout the day. Everything is in one building, so it’s easy to switch from one dance hall to another. You will be given a detailed program in English listing the various options.
In the evening we will have live music for dancing, and we will also enjoy some short dance performances. To make everything easier for everybody, for lunch and dinner today you’re on your own; these meals are not included in the tour price.  The dance hall is in the city center and there are many nearby restaurants.

Sunday, October 16
Morning we will spend together at the festival. For a lunch you will be on your own. Afternoon will be free for you and we will meet again in the evening for the dinner cruise. That will gives you a chance to see Prague from different perspective.

Monday, October 17
Time say goodbye. We do believe you will take home nice memories for Czech Republic. If you decide to stay in Prague for few more nights, we are happy to help you to arrange the hotel if you want.