Czech Republic Tour 2023

Dear friends,

We warmly invite you into the heart of Europe, into the Czech Republic. Each time we try to offer you interesting program of many different activities and locations. Thist time the tour will be different, because we will start in Austria, in Salzburg and will have a chance to hike in lower Alps.
During your travels you will have a chance to meet local people, see interesting places listed as UNESCO heritage sites, visit historical towns, meet people who are engaged in traditional folk production, take several short hikes in beautiful surroundings, and also explore different aspects of local folklore.

I look forward to welcoming you to Prague and the Czech Republic!

Jan Pumpr

Tour program

September 23, Saturday
Today you will arrive at Salzburg. You flight in 2020 arrived in Salzburg in the morning. That will be too early for checking-in. So I will pick you up and will take you to the city center. We will walk just a bit and will have a lunch together. Early afternoon we will arrive in the hotel and will check-in.
You will have a short time to relax, but I like to keep you awake, so can sleep at night. So after short break (shower) we will have very relaxing trip to Gaisbergspitze – a mountain with great view on Salzburg and walk around the top. For dinner you can have a snack or each in the hotel.
Today you’ll be very tired, so will go to sleep early.

September 24, Sunday
We will have a slow start this morning, late breakfast and then will go to the city center.
Before noon we can attend the mass in local cathedral. You may not be able to understand (will be in German, but you can enjoy the atmosphere in the cathedral and a music. Then we will have a lunch together. Next we will need some walk. About 30 minutes drive from Salzburg is very nice lake Hintersee. We will walk all the way around. This is easy walk but very pleasant.
Then we will return to the hotel and relax.

September 25, Monday
Today we will change the day script – hike in the morning and city in the afternoon. For the hike I pick Jenner Spitze. From the bottom we will use the cable car. It is not cheap but will help us to get there. It will depend on weather if we will go just first part or all the way to the top. Then we will walk down. The walk is not difficult, there is a comfortable path, but it is about 5 miles down the hill. Yes, we will be not in hurry, so we can do as many breaks as we want. And of course, we will enjoy great views. When we will reach the bottom we will spend a while in the Koenigssee and then will return to Salzburg. Then you will have a free time in the city and dinner you will have on your own.

September 26, Tuesday
This day you will check-out from hotel in Salzburg. We will go together to Dachstein area. Here we will take a cable car up. It is quite expensive ride, but that I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it. And we don’t want spend 8 hours climbing up to have the view. For a lunch, we will need to buy a sandwiches. That way we will save money and time. At the top we will pass through the ice cave and cross the sky bridge. Finally go down again by cable car and then drive to Czech Republic. Here we will check-in to our chateau! For dinner we can stop somewhere on the way.

September 27, Wednesday
In the morning I will try to manage visit in very precious church from 13th century. Then we will visit historical town Sušice and will visit local museum. Also we will see the mechanical Nativity scene, even we still have a lot of time to Christmas. Here we will also have a lunch. After lunch we will have the cycling tour. It is about 10 miles in pretty country side. Dinner in local restaurant. Optional one more stop (if we will want) at Jezerní Slať – the peat-bog. Arrival at the chateau.

September 28, Thursday
In the morning we will have a trip to Kašperk medieval castle. It has great location, very nice area.
Then we will take a train to Nýrsko and ski lift up to Špičák. From here we will walk down the hill. Our afternoon stop will be in Klatovy. Are you interested in mummies? Do you want see some? We have in Klatovy old monks… Dinner will be here and then we will return to the chateau.

September 29, Friday
Today we will change hotel, so will need to pack and load the car. Our first stop will be in fairytale town Český Krumlov. Very ancient place with beautiful narrow streets, listed on UNESCO heritage site. We will do a sightseeing here and then will have lunch on your own. In the afternoon we will visit another UNESCO heritage site – small village Holašovice. The ground plan haven’t change since medieval ages. Today we can admire unique architecture called as farmer’s Baroque. Next stop will be by Gothic church with very special chapels. Finally we will arrive in Písek and will check-in here. This is another beautiful historical town. Today we will have just dinner together and sightseeing we will do tomorrow.

September 30, Saturday
A bit of history in the morning and more nature in the afternoon. That is the plan for today.
Sightseeing in Písek first. We will walk across the oldest stone bridge in Central Europe, built here before 1300. Lunch will be on your own and then we will move to Natural preservation area for an easy hike. We will climb up the view tower and will sear for prehistoric mounds. Dinner will be together.

October 1, Sunday
Moving to a new hotel, so we will pack and load the car again. On the way we will have Royal medieval castle. It is located in very special place, so we will have a chance to enjoy the nature.
For a lunch we will be in local brewery, so you will have a chance to taste different kind of beers.
After lunch we will move to pretty chateau and will have a tour there. Then we will move on again. On the way we will have a chance to stretch our feet on little walk in the chateau garden in Blatná. Finally we will arrive in Plzeň, the capital of Western Bohemia. Dinner will be on your own.

October 2, Monday
In the morning we will discover the city center and then will have a tour in a unique apartmets from thirties of 20th century. Lunch will be on your own and then you will have a free time in the city. In the afternoon we will visit “a Rotunda” the church built at the end of 10th century.
Afterwards we will have a pleasant walk in woods with view on medieval castle. Dinner will be on the way and then we will return to Plzeň.

October 3, Tuesday
Moving again, but for a last time. Our first stop will be historical water-hammer. We will learn how people hammered iron in medieval ages. Then we’ll be passing through the Natural preservation including limestone cave. Can we skip it? No! After the tour here we will stop for a lunch.
Then we will visit the most known castle in the Czech Repulic – Karlštejn. The castle has been built in 14. century as a treasury for the coronation jewels. It is not very easy to get there, the number of visitors is limited. Finally we will arrive in Prague and will check-in.

October 4, Wednesday
Today we must start with sightseeing in Prague. We will walk a lot, but that is the only way how to see a lot. We will visit all main parts of Prague. Lunch will be together. Then you will be on your own. It is too early to plan, but you may be able to visit National Theater or National Opera.

October 5, Thursday
Today you can spend on your own in Prague, or we can stay together and do more sightseeing.
Lunch will be on your own. The final dinner will be in restaurant with good folkloric program.

October 6, Friday
More walk around Prague, free time, optional dinner with folklor show. 

October 7, Saturday
Time to say good bye. Your check-out will be after breakfast.