Dvorana Tours

September 16 - 27

Come to join us and discover the heart of Europe. You will learn history and cultural traditions of Czech Republic. Meet with special people, dance with locals, do simple and nice hikes, see UNESCO heritage landmarks and get into small unknown villages.

October 8 - 19

This tour is designed especially for fans of American traditional country dance. We will travel through the North and East of Czech Republic. Visit many interesting places, meet with Czech folk dancers. The tour will end with the Country Dance Festival in Prague.

Are you interested in private tour? Here is what we offer.

history and architecture

A general tour includes excursions to historical sites, museums, unique cities, Gothic,
Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Art Deco…

traditional folk culture

Attend folk dance festivals, meet people in private homes, learn about customs, folk costumes,
music, and other traditional arts.

folk dance and music workshops

Meetings with folk dancers and musicians at private events. Regular dance and music workshops.

tailor-made tours

We can help you find and meet lost Czech relatives. Interested in historic motorcycles, stave churches, and small breweries?
We can arrange a special itinerary!

bead tours

Are you a fan of beads? We will take you to places where beads are made. We will arrange meetings with local artists.

beer tours

Is Czech beer the best in the world? Come to find out. This tour will takes you to several breweries and you can learn and taste many different kinds.

hiking in czech republic

The Czech Republic is a paradise for hikers. We have lovely countryside with hundreds of miles of well-marked paths.

central europe

Want to visit more in Central Europe? We can take you to Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Germany.

handicraft tourS

We will take you to small villages to meet with local artisans. Come to see traditional handicrafts
passed down over centuries.